'Where The Lines Are Drawn'

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'Where The Lines Are Drawn'


“A brilliant piece of theatre” – Rebecca Thomas, St Pauls Academy.

“Very thought provoking, realistic and brilliant” - Rachel Quine, Anti-Bullying Coordinator, Greenwich Council.

“Amazing” – Annette Hines, Safer Greenwich.

View Full Trailer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uDNH2sYimc

When Amina’s family moves into the area, it doesn’t take long before she finds a new best friend in Megan.  Despite their differences in upbringing, they are surprised by how much they have in common.  An offensive online post, however, tests their relationship, causing events to spiral out of control.  Meanwhile, Samir and Neil experience a friendship that quickly turns to bullying on the football pitch where everyday homophobia is still considered ‘banter’ by some and disability is belittled on a daily basis.

Where The Lines Are Drawn illustrates the motivations behind such attacks and the confused attitudes and beliefs that try to justify the perpetrator’s actions.  The performance is followed by a workshop facilitated by the actors which discusses how cyberbullying can escalate into violence, how laws protect victims of hate crime and what happens to perpetrators when they are prosecuted.

Following a successful pilot last year, a free performance funded by Orbit Housing will take place at The Exchange on Thr 10/10 at 7.30pm.

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