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Pilates on Wednesdays

Join Melissa for Pilates on Wednesdays!

  • Beginners: 10.30-11.30am

  • Intermediates: 11.45am-12-45pm

  • Beginners: 6.30-7.30pm

  • Intermediates: 7.45-8.45pm

  • £12 for taster class

  • £48 for 4 classes per 28 days

  • £10 for taster class (income support) / £40 for 4 classes per 28 days (income support)

  • Discount: for those who bring someone else, both get 4 classes for £40

To book, please follow this link to Melissa’s website

What is Pilates?

“Pilates works all the muscle group in your body with dramatic results. It can streamline your figure, making you look longer and leaner, give you incredible posture and physical presence, build up your strength and free you from any persistent little aches and pains.

It focuses on gaining muscle alignment, achieving a flexible spine and obtaining what is called core strength when the abdominals and back muscles create a girdle of strength that supports your torso effortlessly.”

Melissa Janneh is a Pilates instructor but started with a yoga teacher training in 2013 in France. She continues to develop as both a teacher and practitioner of Pilates and loves the breadth and depth of the method and how it will support everyone from injured to athlete. She offers a structured and encouraging environment in which to learn Pilates, her knowledge ensures that her teaching is safe but effective. On a personal note Melissa is a proud mum of four children who also enjoy the benefits of this method.