Tell us about Lemuel MC…

1. What's the ethos of Lemuel MC?

  • *sustainability

  • *durability

  • *ethics

2. What are your inspirations and influences?

  • *Elza Schiaparelli (for being a strong creative woman of her time)

  • *Elizabeth Suzzan (for the way she runs hew brand)

  • *Ovate

  • *little creative factory 

3. How should we be thinking about fashion and textiles today?

  • *Fashion has to stop being fast! It should be more about personal style then what is fashionable this hour!

  • *Style lasts, fashion not

4. What's your vision for the Textile Studio? How can people get involved?

  • *I love collaborating, and if anyone has any ideas I am happy to hear them :)

  • *Would be great to teach people how to make things themselves and go back to slower times, the times when we had time to make things ourselves!

  • *Would love to have different projects on different themes, but all touching sustainability