The Textile Studio

The Textile Studio is home to Lemuel MC, a sustainable fashion label run by local textiles and fashion designer Marta Cernovskaja, and a space for community textile projects that support The Exchange and provide opportunities for participants to learn techniques and processes used in textile production.

To join in with these projects, get in touch with Marta or The Exchange: |

An quick interview with Marta

Current Projects

Storytelling Cushions

Boro-inspired coasters


Together the Community are sharing their stories, and creating a series of storytelling cushions that will be displayed at The Exchange before being used for education sessions.


We are using the Japanese Boro patchwork technique as inspiration for a collection of coasters that will be used in The Bookstore Cafe. In the spirit of recycle and reuse, we are using scraps of fabric found in the studio to create new and beautiful items.


Through a new keyhole: A Story by Taya IV

The early summer wind was gently pushing the curtains in different directions. She took small steps forward, occasionally twirling and giggling, pretending that the curtains were joyfully dancing with her…